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Vehicle Computers

Comark's vehicle computers are designed to withstand the rugged environments typical of vehicle applications. Comark's vehicle computers are designed and tested to withstand the environments of ground based vehicle use. This includes intense vibration associated with engines, or travel on rutted roads, temperature extremes found in hot climates with solar gain, colder climates, uncontrolled cabins or machine compartments.  Depending on where the computer is installed, the unit may be vented or totally sealed to protect against water and dust. All vehicle computer printed circuit boards are conformally coated to protect against moisture damage.  Mass storage options are exclusively solid state flash to protect against corruption due to shock and vibration.  Input power is optionally AC or DC but is most commonly wide range DC with input protection against fluctuations found on battery based electrical systems due to alternator charging and starter droops. Common applications include mobile surveillance vehicles, law enforcement, fire truck, mining vehicles, fracking trucks, public transportation busses, light and heavy rail.