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All Comark Building Automation systems are now UL 864 9th edition / ULC-s527-11 3rd edition / ul 2572 Recognized

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UL 864/ULC-S527 Computers
UL 864/ULC-S527 Displays
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UL 864 9th Edition / ULC-S527-11 / UL 2572 Recognized Computers*

*All Building Automation products are UL 864 9th Edition, ULC-S527-11 3rd Edition and UL 2572 Recognized.

The Newest Standard for Fire Alarm Equipment

UL 864 9th Edition, ULC-S527-11 3rd Edition and UL 2572 are the standard for governing Fire Alarm Systems and is the design guideline for all of Comark’s fire alarm control systems and ancillary equipment.  We pride ourselves in ensuring that all of our UL products comply with the life safety standard codes put in place by National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 72, the basis for the life safety changes incorporated into the current UL standards.  As a major supplier to the top fire alarm equipment manufacturers, we are dedicated to properly following submission procedures and standards for all of our components, simplifying the final listing process for our customers.  We keep stringent configuration control on all system assemblies to maintain compliance for the life of the product.

Our fire alarm products listed in accordance with UL Standards provide confidence for our customers that we are meeting, or exceeding, the latest industry safety standards.  With our quality products and outstanding service, we guarantee your success.