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EnduraShell™ 6.1 - Secure Operating System Application Shell

Features and Benefits
SquareTamper-Proof operator account, auto-login & run option
SquareUSB port disable option, prevents unauthorized USB devices
SquareSingle image install without activation (XPe version)
SquareEnhanced write filter to minimize corruption (XPe version)

Secure Software Shell
Touch Friendly Operating system settings to allow full
access through Windows menus without a keyboard.

Secure Software Shell
Screen capture and system information hotkeys provide
snapshot of display or complete system state in file format.

Secure Software Shell
Configurable and minimizable Virtual Keyboard to allow full
keyboard input through the touchscreen interface.

Operating Systems Supported: Windows 7, Windows 2000,
XP Pro, XP Embedded, and Server 2003.

Click here to download the EnduraShell spec sheet.