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About Comark

Markets We Serve

Comark manufactures a wide array of standard and custom, high-performance computer solutions to suit each individual application Our products are designed to operate reliably in situations that would compromise most electronics. From industrial workstations, NEMA enclosures, all-in-one solutions, panel mount displays & PCs, military grade systems and custom kiosks, we have the product to fit your application.

We supply Engineered Solutions to the following Market Segments:

  • Building Automation – UL 864 & UL 1069 Recognized Components for Fire & Alarm, Access Control, Security, Mass Notification, Nurse Call Stations, Patient Monitoring and Medical Imaging.
  • Industrial Automation – Factory-hardened workstations for Food, Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Material Handling, Production Line Monitoring, Wireless Data Collection and Machine Tool Control.
  • Military, Mobile, Marine – MIL Standard, IEC60945 & ECDIS Compliant solutions for Navigation, Charting, Vessel Management, Workboat Operations, Military Deployment, Emergency Response Vehicles, and Surveillance applications.
  • Retail Automation and Self-Service Kiosks – Indoor and Outdoor solutions for Wayfinding, Ticketing, Hospitality, Tourism, Automated Attendant, Self-Service, Digital Signage and Digital Media distribution.

Our Process

Comark believes that our customers come first and we strive to continually meet and exceed both delivery and quality commitments by investing in a continuous improvement plan. This includes factory improvements and expansion, new process implementation, broader range testing capabilities and certified training for all employees. Highlights of our design and manufacturing systems include:

  • ISO 9001:2008 Certification for Design Control, Corrective Action and Quality Assurance Procedures
  • Lean Manufacturing provides dedicated product cells for quicker build cycles
  • 5S Implementation creates organized work centers for optimized labor flow, reduced set-up and cycle times and improved reliability
  • EMI & Thermal Chambers for enhanced product testing
  • Dedicated prototype lab for design, product review and implementation


Our dedicated R&D group provides in-depth product testing, new product design and part qualification. Comark has the equipment, facilities and experience to design solutions that operate reliably in tough conditions where dust, dirt, water, extreme temperatures, high shock and vibration are part of everyday operations.

  • Bonding of EMI Glass and Touchscreens, UV cured to LCD Panels to reduce fogging and improve contrast ratio and clarity by the reduction of secondary reflections and index matching
  • Solidworks 3D Modeling reduces design time while optimizing product releases
  • OrCad Schematic Capture and PCB Layout for all electrical designs
  • Thermal Analysis for extreme high and low temperature testing
  • On-site EMI Chamber and full environmental testing
  • Shock and Vibration Lab for in-house product qualification
  • Rapid Prototype Capability

Accessibility - Section 508 - VPAT

Comark uses the VPAT (Voluntary Product Accessibility Template) to assist U.S. Federal agencies and other customers in determining how our products support the “Electronic and Information Accessibility Standards” set forth in regulations of the US Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board (36 CFR Part 1194), which implements Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act (29 USC 794d), as amended by P.L. No. 106-246 (July 13, 2000). Below are a list of Computers and Displays that details the accessibility features of our products.

15" MDU Marine Display

19" MDU Marine Display

20" MDU Marine Display

23" MDU Marine Display

37" MDU Marine Display

15" LED Sunlight Readable Sealed Display

17" LED Sunlight Readable Sealed Display

EnduraNode Compact Computer

19" Pilothouse Display / Computer

42" Commercial Display / Computer

42" Full MIL Certified Display / Computer

Outdoor Stainless Steel Kiosk

17" MultiTouch II Outdoor Kiosk

19" MDUPC Marine Display / Computer

12" MDUPC Marine Display / Computer


DRC Conflict Free Mineral Compliance Policy

Comark takes seriously the worldwide concerns that metals mined in the conflict areas of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) may be entering the electronics supply chain. Comark does not use conflict metals, Tantalum (Ta), Tin (Sn), Gold (Au), or Tungsten (W) in its process or products that it directly manufactures or contracts to manufacture. However Comark requires its suppliers who may do so to comply with OECD guidelines to ensure they are “DRC Conflict-Free”.

Our Commitment

Our goal is to design and manufacture products with a 7 Year product support path. We pledge our support to our customer’s success by designing products that will have an available upgrade path to ensure your mission is achieved. We’re here for the long haul and vow to be able to service your product. We have over 30 years of dedicated customer service and technical support experience and look forward to supporting your application requirements. Contact us for application, product or after sales support at 1-800-280-8522.

Guaranteed Success

We guarantee the success of your program. If our product, support or application
assistance fails to meet your expectations, call Greg Baletsa, CEO.

You can reach Mr. Baletsa at 508-381-2511,
or send an email to: